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what is Babelbar?

Babelbar is an advances accessibility tool kit for the use on the web, and has developed from what was initially a toolbar providing basic accessibility functions for those with dyslexia, to a far more comprehensive service with full Text to Speech, capable of being used in many languages.

who can benefit from this software?

Virtually anyone can benefit from the use of Babelbar, and not only those who are visually impaired. There are a number of functions that can be used by busy people such as the ability to have an article captured and saved as an MP3 so it can be heard using and MP3 player, or the ability to select an article and have it read to you whilst you do something else.

The facility for a non-native speaker to hear some relevant information being spoken can help where listening gives better understanding.

Clearly anyone with visual challenges can benefit as well.

describe some of the features?

how do people access it?

Website owners include some very simple code on a website, gives instant access to a user. So no download - no complications for someone who is unfamiliar with doing this kind of thing or for someone is not IT literate.

Once the service is enabled on a website, and the toolbar shown, the user is able to use either the keyboard or mouse to choose what needs to change or be read.

how is it updated?

The biggest benefit to our users and website managers is whenever we make changes, add features or update pronunciations there is no changed needed. We make the changes at our core and anyone using the system can automatically take advantage of the improvements. No new download!

who is using the software at the moment?

The majority of our users currently are local government, police forces, NHS and that type of business. We are just beginning to branch out beyond this as businesses see the need to provide better facilities to their potential customer base.

how do you compare against your competitors?

Feature Babelbar Leading Competitor
Application is server based requires no complicated downloads, and is constantly up to date with corrected pronunciations of complicated words and names YES NO
Quality, life like voice reproduction, which enables user to listen to the interpretation for sustained periods of time YES NO
Possesses Hot Keys that enables the user to shortcut to features such as 'next paragraph', or 'home page' YES NO
Suited for use by those who are severe visual impairment or possess motor function problems YES NO
Tool bar can easily accommodate brand or look & feel changes in keeping with clients website requirements YES NO
Utilises auto access to an on-line thesauri and dictionary to assist end users with further comprehension of difficult words or phrases YES NO

what is the translation service that you use?

The service also provides a text translation of the original text in a small caption at the top of the screen - this is powered by Google's free online translation service, the best online translation service available today. If users do not wish to hear the translated speech as well, they can easily turn off their speakers to see the text translation alone.

As part of this capability we can also provide translations in all the languages we support and we use Google translator as basic service offering a more advanced translation capability where this additional need is demanded.

The Basic services above will supply a first line interpretation of the text. If a more precise translation is required Babelbar can offer additional services where one language can be translated into another. This service is available at additional cost: Contact Babelbar for more information.

how are schools for the blind going to benefit from Babelbar?

This question needs to be expanded to any school that teaches students with visual challenges. We have integrated the product with a number of different VLE's (Virtual Learning Environments) so again school documents can be read to students (or by MP3).

some individuals will already have a screen reader installed on their computer

Individuals who are blind may have a screen reader, but for those who have learning difficulties, visual impairments and those whose first language is not English will have no aid to help them access website information. Screen readers tend to be fixed to one computer, so if the owner were at another computer e.g. friends house, library, Internet cafe, they would be reliant on a server base solution such as Babelbar.

my IT team are to busy at the moment to be able to work on this

Babelbar is easily implemented, taking one person to cut and past a couple lines of code onto the content management system, taking just a few moments will only take a matter of minutes. Babelbar is hosted on its own secure service so there will be no hosting issues and no impact on to your IT systems.

why did you decide to look at this part of the market?

The company originated as a business to develop a range of accessibility products for people with visual impairments. The move from idea's to aid visually impaired people to what is now Babelbar was a natural progression.

can you give me the contact details for more information?

Simply click the Contact button for more information.


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