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Babelbar is available in over 35 languages.

Depending on your target audience, a choice of male or female voice is available.

The service also provides a text translation of the original text in a small caption at the top of the screen - this is powered by Google's free online translation service, the best online translation service available today. If users only wish to read the translation, the voice is easily switched off using the ROK Talk tool bar.

Providing the original text and the translation alongside one another is of great benefit to foreign users trying to learn English, and could also be a fantastic tool for English-speakers looking to improve their understanding of foreign languages.

With the ever-increasing number of people living in the UK for whom English is a foreign language, real-time spoken translation offers greater assistance online, and demonstrates strong commitment to inclusion and accessibility.

For ore information and to receive the full list of supported languages, please contact Alistere Linton:

Tel: +44 (0) 1628 417360

Supported Languages

Region Language/Dialect
Argentina Argentinean
Belgium Belgian **
Chile Chilean
China Cantonese **
China Mandarin
China Mandarin (Taiwan) **
Czech Rep Czech **
Denmark Danish
Finland Finnish
France Canadian
France French
Greek Greek
Germany German
Indian Hindi **
Italy Italian
Japan Japanese **
Korea Korean **
Netherlands Dutch
Norway Norwegian **
Poland Polish
Region Language/Dialect
Portugal Brazilian
Portugal Portuguese
Russia Russian
Spain American
Spain Basque **
Spain Castilian
Spain Catalan
Spain Galician
Spain Mexican
Spain Valencian
Sweden Swedish
Thailand Thai **
Turkey Turkish
UK American
UK Australian
UK English
UK Indian **
UK Irish **
UK Scottish **
UK South African **

** Available from Q4



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