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About Babelbar

Babelbar is cutting-edge Microsoft approved technology that converts web-text into clear life-like voice for your website. Being a server based application Babelbar requires no downloads or installations on your computer, yet it delivers immediate accessibility enhancing web-text vocalization for all visitors to your website. It also means that every time we enhance the application it is instantly available to your web visitor round the world.

Microsoft Approved

Babelbar is unlike any other text-to-speech software since it comes with the widest range of built-in features that give your web visitors control without compromising its integrity.

Whether by reading aloud the text on a website, giving the visitor control over colour and font size, or saving information as an MP3 file to listen to later. Babelbar frees the web's fantastic resources from the restrictions of the computer screen.

Babelbar is secure since it does not require sharing of your website's source code, changes in your web hosting or URL. Inclusion of a few lines of scripting by your web-developers has Babelbar application up and running in no time at all.


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